Wednesday, October 31, 2012

06.10.12 : Mo Cha Cha Restaurant

Mo Cha Cha Restaurant located in Bukit Mertajam is quite a new restaurant opened months back serving various range of food - Hong Kong, Taiwanese, Shanghai, Korean. We went there in the evening for dinner (Complete address at the end of the post)

Take a look at what we ordered. Tiramisu - RM 5.50 (Not recommended, looks good but kinda tasteless)

Mushroom Braised Pork Rice - RM 7.90

Seafood Fried Porridge - RM 8.90

Korean Spicy Noodle Soup With Fried Egg and Chicken - RM 8.90

Potato Wedges with Mayonnaise - RM 6.90

Overall the food was okay as in not too bad and not too good too - simply moderate. And again, the comments are just personal opinions.

Address :
No.5 Lorong Maju Utama 2,

Pusat Perniagaan Maju Utama,
14000 Bukit Mertajam,
Penang, Malaysia.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

06.10.12 : Restaurant Dim Sum & Teppanyaki Yi Pin Xuan

This time round for a Saturday morning breakfast, we went Yi Pin Xuan for dim sum (Complete address at the end of the post)

Here, you can choose to either proceed to the counter to order your dim sum or they can come to you and take your order (Either way)

Smell the steaming hot dim sum photos below.

Overall the taste and service was neutrally alright but one thing to comment - the food were slightly oily. So we had cups and cups of Chinese Tea.

Crazily full, satisfied and costed us around RM 40.

Address :
1818 Jalan Rozhan, Alma
14000 Bukit Mertajam,
Penang, Malaysia.

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

30.09.12 : Wok Sifu

My favorite place for Saturday's brunch with mum when am back in Ipoh - Wok Sifu (Complete address at the end of the post)

This time round, we went on Sunday with dad. Wok Sifu is based on Hong Kong kinda-style concept with its' decoration, simple yet comfortable.

We ordered Hong Kong Style Yin Yong (RM 3.90) and Cappuccino Pearl Milk Tea (RM 5.20)

My favorite Hot & Spicy Noodles Soup with Taiwanese Pork Meatballs (RM 9.90)

Loving the Taiwanese Pork Meatballs.

Nissin Noodle with Fried Egg & Sausage (RM 8.50)

Hai Wo Roll (RM 6.90)

No government charge but 10% Service Charge. If you present your AEON Member Card upon bill pay, there will be a 10% discount from the total bill, in which the service charge is waived. A photo of a loving couple below.

Address :
Wok Sifu
Jusco Kinta City Shopping Center,

F55 First Floor,

Jusco Kinta City,
Ipoh, Perak.

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Friday, October 5, 2012

22.09.12 : Ingolf's Kneipe German Restaurant and Bar

Very first time visiting Ingolf's Kneipe German Restaurant and Bar located in Tanjung Bungah, Penang, one of the recommended restaurant by friends.(Complete address at the end of the post)

We went there for dinner around 6 plus 7 in the evening. We did not make any reservation and luckily there were still seats available.

Ice Lemon Tea - RM 3.80

German Butcher Splatter - RM 54.80
What's on the platter? : One piece of Chicken, Country and Pork Sausage, Roasted Porkbelly , Two Nuernbergers and Chipolatas, Grilled Turkey Bacon, Ham, Pork Chop, Pork Patties, Chicken Meat Loaf served with Sauerkraut, Crispy Criss Cut Potatoes, Onion Sauce and Mustard.

Awesomely delicious! Enough for 2 persons. 

The price is inclusive of 6% Government Tax and 10% Service Charge. So overall, we paid RM 58.60. But one thing to comment is that, after dinner, we ended up in thirst.

Address :
Ingolf's Kneipe German Restaurant & Bar
Tanjung Gourmet Food Sdn Bhd

1F, Jalan Sungai Kelian,
Tanjung Bungah,11200 Penang.

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