Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pure Random : Happy Chinese New Year To My Family and Friends!

A New Year, A New Start, A New Chapter, A New Beginning, Forget the Bad, Cherish the Good, With Each Passing Moments, Let Us Embrace The New Year With A Brighter, Colorful and Joyous Future, I Sincerely Wish You A Very Blessed New Year Ahead! Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fatt Chai! Huat Ar! Ong Ar! Warm Wishes from A Gang of Iron-ManSsSsSs!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

25.12.13 : Phoenix One Restaurant, Penang

Phoenix One Restaurant, located at Jalan Zainal Abidin, Georgetown in Penang, is said to be famous for its' Handmade Ramen Noodles (Authentic China Hand Pulled Noodles) and Special Handmade Dumplings as a delectable side dish, so we went to try'em out ourselves to verify the statement.

Yes, as you can see everywhere is Mandarin, I can hardly understand any, but looks like this restaurant have been advertised and featured in Chinese paper before, must be something good right? Without delaying, here's the food that we ordered for lunch, Special Dumpling (RM 9 for 10 pieces), Fried Hand-Pulled Noodle with Meat Slice (RM 10) and Soup Hand-Pulled Noodle with Chicken Slice (RM 8). Not to forget, the price are taxable with a fixed amount of RM 10 nett. The food overall was just moderate and we found the fried hand-pulled noodle was a bit salty too. Personal opinion, the food is just so-so-lor.

Address :
Phoenix One Restaurant
70-A, Jalan Zainal Abidin,
10400, Penang.

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Friday, January 24, 2014

21.12.13 : Galaxy Star Cafe, Ipoh

Galaxy Star Cafe, a cafe serving mainly western food that opens 24 hours a day (maybe a plate of chop or fillet after a midnight football match for late supper instead of maggie goreng or roti telur?) situated just right opposite the famous Restaurant Pusing Public in Ipoh. The cafe's interior and exterior are very well decorated with eye-catching lightings, and we went there for dinner on a weekend. 

Here's what we ordered for dinner, following in sequence from top to bottom, Chicken Chop with Wedges (RM 14.60), Black Pepper Lamb Chop with Wedges (RM 18) and Black Pepper Gratined Lamb Chop with Wedges(RM 22.20). The lamb was pretty good and best of all no government tax and service charge, worth a visit. Here's the link to their Facebook page, like/follow to get the latest update (

Address :
Galaxy Star Cafe
No. 12-14 (Ground Floor),
Jalan Veerasamy,
30000, Ipoh,

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

21.12.13 : Mapo Restaurant, Ipoh

Looking for a place to makan Wan Tan Mee in Ipoh? Here's one restaurant where you can dine for quite a few options of Wan Tan Mee, which is also located near to Tai Kah Rock Restaurant (Click here for Tai Kar Rock Restaurant post). Right in front of their shop, there are 2 limited customer parkings where you don't have to worry of not having any parking coupons with you during weekdays, but again, the customer parkings are limited. 

Here's the food that we ordered, Dry Wan Tan Mee with Wan Tan in Soup (RM 4), Dry Wan Tan Mee with Claypot Vinegar Pork Leg (RM 13) and Dry Wan Tan Mee with 'Gei Zhi' Duck Soup (RM 6.90). All in all, Wan Tan Mee is by default for us.

The restaurant is clean, serving was fast and the food were good especially the Wan Tan Mee. Next visit, I would like to give a try on the Soup Wan Tan Mee, since the Dry Wan Tan Mee is good, highly hoping the same will goes to the Soup Wan Tan Mee. This is the link to Mapo Restaurant's Facebook page (, like/follow for more information.

Address :
Mapo Restaurant
No. 2, Jalan Seenivasagam,
30450, Ipoh,

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Pure Random : Great Heroes Need Great Sorrows and Burdens

Bruce Wayne : Why didn't you just.. ..kill me?
Bane : You don't fear death.. .. You welcome it. Your punishment must be more severe.
Bruce Wayne : Torture?
Bane : Yes. But not of your body.. .. Of your soul.

(Extracted from The Dark Knight Rises 2012)

Happy Thaipusam!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

14.12.13 : The Cruises Steak House at Ideal, The One, Penang

Here we are in The Cruises Steak House Penang for early dinner, but this time round, we are dining in the branch located at Ideal, The One. Previously during the 1st dine months back, we went to the branch located at Bishop Street for lunch (Click here for the post back then). Fascinated with the ambiance and decoration back in Bishop Street's branch, the same feel was inherited to this branch as well (not that heavily decorated but still nicely decorated), also the waiters and waitress were very well-mannered. Below are some of the photos that we managed to snap in this branch.

Besides the beautiful decorations, here's the two main course that we ordered, Mushroom Chicken Chop (RM 15.90) and Sizzling Lamb with Spaghetti, basically pieces of lamb cooked with black pepper sauce, served with the fresh vegetables as well as spaghetti with the chef speciality sauce (RM 29.90), the total amount are then subject to 10% service charge. Don't judge the food by its' look, there were good and tasty, especially the Sizzling Spaghetti with Lamb, thumbs up! Had a good dine for the day, and we were then also given two free mini cups of soda with salt after the meal that day, nearing christmas I guess, every table gets that.

Address :
The Cruises Steak House
Unit 73-1-1 & 73-1-2 ,
Ideal, The One,
Jalan Mahsuri, 11950,

Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang.

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Pure Random : A Day of Rest Is Always Needed

Everything needs a break, even superheroes need a short-break on weekend, so lay back and have a good weekend people, get some comics read up just like our dc comics' superheroes below.

Superman : Let's put our cards on the table.
Superman : You want to control me and you can't. But that doesn't make me your enemy.

(Extracted from Man of Steel 2013)

Friday, January 10, 2014

14.12.13 : Full House at Penang Times Square, Penang (Revisit)

Yes! Our second visit to the very same Full House located in Penang Times Square back in May this year 2013 (Click here for the first post back then). A little disappointed this time round as the food, service and environment were no longer that good (in our opinion) compared to months back. The time we went, there was only 1 person left to take your order and serving customers at the same time, hence the service were obviously slow, also quite a number of flies around too, quite sad to see.

Good thing is, the usual decorations are still in place as you can see from the photos. Those who wish to take photos here can still do that like what normally people will do when they dine here (hehe.. ..including us), and here are some of the photos that we managed to snap that day while waiting for the food, nothing much have changed in general.

For the food/drink/dessert, here's what we ordered and the sum is then taxable to 10% service charge. Mango Yogurt (RM 8.90), Tony's Teriyaki Chicken Burger - sesame bun with teriyaki chicken and lettuce (RM 17.90), Fish and Wedges (with additional coated seaweed)- deep fried fish fillet, garden salad that served with wasabi mayo and potato wedges (RM 19.90) and Chocolate Brownie - homemade chocolate brownie topped with rich chocolate flavour and vanilla ice cream (13.90). The food overall were alright, guess the best out of all was the Chocolate Brownie.

Hoping that they will continue to put some strategic efforts to enhance the decoration and environment (guess that is the main attraction after all) as well as the food taste and variety of course, in conclusion after considering all, Full House is still a fine place to dine.

Address :
G-20, 21, 61 & 65, 
Penang Times Square, 
Jalan Dato Keramat, 
George Town, Penang.

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