Friday, January 10, 2014

14.12.13 : Full House at Penang Times Square, Penang (Revisit)

Yes! Our second visit to the very same Full House located in Penang Times Square back in May this year 2013 (Click here for the first post back then). A little disappointed this time round as the food, service and environment were no longer that good (in our opinion) compared to months back. The time we went, there was only 1 person left to take your order and serving customers at the same time, hence the service were obviously slow, also quite a number of flies around too, quite sad to see.

Good thing is, the usual decorations are still in place as you can see from the photos. Those who wish to take photos here can still do that like what normally people will do when they dine here (hehe.. ..including us), and here are some of the photos that we managed to snap that day while waiting for the food, nothing much have changed in general.

For the food/drink/dessert, here's what we ordered and the sum is then taxable to 10% service charge. Mango Yogurt (RM 8.90), Tony's Teriyaki Chicken Burger - sesame bun with teriyaki chicken and lettuce (RM 17.90), Fish and Wedges (with additional coated seaweed)- deep fried fish fillet, garden salad that served with wasabi mayo and potato wedges (RM 19.90) and Chocolate Brownie - homemade chocolate brownie topped with rich chocolate flavour and vanilla ice cream (13.90). The food overall were alright, guess the best out of all was the Chocolate Brownie.

Hoping that they will continue to put some strategic efforts to enhance the decoration and environment (guess that is the main attraction after all) as well as the food taste and variety of course, in conclusion after considering all, Full House is still a fine place to dine.

Address :
G-20, 21, 61 & 65, 
Penang Times Square, 
Jalan Dato Keramat, 
George Town, Penang.

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