Wednesday, January 8, 2014

07.12.13 : Tai Kar Rock Restaurant, Ipoh

One of my favourite usual 'makan-spot' for breakfast with family in Ipoh, Tai Kar Rock Restaurant, located near town area, walking distance from Excelsior Hotel. In the older days, I could still remember how Tai Kar Rock will be flooded with people early in the morning before it moved to a bigger shop lot that is slightly bigger in size to accommodate more (current shop).

Basically when you step into the shop, seek for an empty table and then look for the number printed on the table, next, walked over and place your order (there will be people taking your order), finally, tell them the table number that you are sitting so they can write it down to avoid confusion especially during the peak hours. Photos below are some of the prices for the food and different types of char-liuSsSsSs accordingly.

Here's what we normally order for breakfast, 3 plates of noodles (Size : 2 big and 1 standard) for dad, mum and myself, a bowl of mixed char-liuSsSsSs and mixed liuSsSsSs in soup. Total cost of'em all together mostly is around RM 18-20.

Address :
Tai Kar Rock Restaurant
22, Jalan Seenivasagam,
Kampung Jawa,
30450 Ipoh,

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