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02.11.13 - 04.11.13 : Compilation of Photos (Trip to Kuala Lumpur and Malacca) - Part 2

Following up from the previous post, this is the so-called Part 2 and here we are in Malacca - The Historic State, third smallest state in Malaysia after Perlis and Penang. Usually it will be loaded with numbersSsSsSs of land vehicles on the road especially during holidays and festive seasons. So, "Stuck in a jam? Have a break, have a KIT KAT!".

Started the journey from Kuala Lumpur after checking out from the hotel and reached around noon time (about 1 hour drive with kinda smooth traffic). As soon as we reached, checked in to the hotel and out for lunch at the famous Famosa Chicken Rice Ball Restaurant, heard that there are a few chicken rice ball restaurants around, not knowing which one taste the best, but I guess it depends on your preference though (price vs taste vs portion).

Typical Malacca food to order, Chicken Rice Balls, Char Siu (Barbecued Pork), Siu Yuk (Roasted Pork Meat) and Pak Cham Gai (White Cut Chicken). There were all good and not to left out the Chendol Malacca in brown sugar, superb!

Surprisingly, the chendol were prepared outside the restaurant (I thought there are supposed to prepare it inside with air-conditional as that will prevent the ice from melting fast), once there are ready to be served, they will then bring it in.

Done with makan-makan, time for some exercise, off to jalan-jalan around the place. I think Malacca town is a very encouraging tourist spot for people to walk instead of driving as most of the historical buildings are in the walking distance (I'm supposed). Below are some of the photos captured during the walk-around.

Walked all the way down and we then reached Nadeje Cake Shop which also known best for its' fabulous Mille Crepe. Waited patiently almost like 20-30 minutes for the seats, many people were enjoying the high-tea here at this hour, could also be due to the festive season. All in all, what I can conclude is that the Crepe Cake is definitely worth waiting for, had a good chit-chat and enjoyed the crepe very much.

I hope my parents will not kill me for posting this up, hahahahaha.. ..but it's common nowadays how gadgets have influenced our days.

Rain started to pour not long then and we did some light shopping activities in Makhota Parade down the street. Later, off next to Jonker Street for jalan-jalan again though there were light drizzle still, a similar night market concept with stalls selling souvenirs, handcrafts, clothes, toys etc and people around negotiating the price (kasi murah sikit tak boleh ka?). Sad enough, my memory card ran out of space, should prepare spares in my pouch, hence, limited photos were captured for the night and following day - LESSON LEARNT!

Indeed a full day at Malacca with loads of jalan-jalan activities (kaki penat giler), a short trip, time well spent but an enjoyable one. Had breakfast in the morning before checking out and back to Kuala Lumpur's One Utama for another round of shopping before heading back to Ipoh.

Address :
Restoran Famosa Chicken Rice Ball
No. 97 Jalan Bendahara,
75100, Melaka.

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Contact :

Address :
Nadeje Cake Shop
G23&25&27 Jalan PM4,
Plaza Mahkota,
75000, Melaka.

View Nadeje Plaza Mahkota in a larger map

Contact :

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