Wednesday, January 22, 2014

21.12.13 : Mapo Restaurant, Ipoh

Looking for a place to makan Wan Tan Mee in Ipoh? Here's one restaurant where you can dine for quite a few options of Wan Tan Mee, which is also located near to Tai Kah Rock Restaurant (Click here for Tai Kar Rock Restaurant post). Right in front of their shop, there are 2 limited customer parkings where you don't have to worry of not having any parking coupons with you during weekdays, but again, the customer parkings are limited. 

Here's the food that we ordered, Dry Wan Tan Mee with Wan Tan in Soup (RM 4), Dry Wan Tan Mee with Claypot Vinegar Pork Leg (RM 13) and Dry Wan Tan Mee with 'Gei Zhi' Duck Soup (RM 6.90). All in all, Wan Tan Mee is by default for us.

The restaurant is clean, serving was fast and the food were good especially the Wan Tan Mee. Next visit, I would like to give a try on the Soup Wan Tan Mee, since the Dry Wan Tan Mee is good, highly hoping the same will goes to the Soup Wan Tan Mee. This is the link to Mapo Restaurant's Facebook page (, like/follow for more information.

Address :
Mapo Restaurant
No. 2, Jalan Seenivasagam,
30450, Ipoh,

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Contact :


  1. Looks so delicious!! Order 1 please! :P
    Very nice photo and food sharing, :D

    1. Hi Hoay! Next time can bring you there :) Thanks for the support! :)