Wednesday, January 15, 2014

14.12.13 : The Cruises Steak House at Ideal, The One, Penang

Here we are in The Cruises Steak House Penang for early dinner, but this time round, we are dining in the branch located at Ideal, The One. Previously during the 1st dine months back, we went to the branch located at Bishop Street for lunch (Click here for the post back then). Fascinated with the ambiance and decoration back in Bishop Street's branch, the same feel was inherited to this branch as well (not that heavily decorated but still nicely decorated), also the waiters and waitress were very well-mannered. Below are some of the photos that we managed to snap in this branch.

Besides the beautiful decorations, here's the two main course that we ordered, Mushroom Chicken Chop (RM 15.90) and Sizzling Lamb with Spaghetti, basically pieces of lamb cooked with black pepper sauce, served with the fresh vegetables as well as spaghetti with the chef speciality sauce (RM 29.90), the total amount are then subject to 10% service charge. Don't judge the food by its' look, there were good and tasty, especially the Sizzling Spaghetti with Lamb, thumbs up! Had a good dine for the day, and we were then also given two free mini cups of soda with salt after the meal that day, nearing christmas I guess, every table gets that.

Address :
The Cruises Steak House
Unit 73-1-1 & 73-1-2 ,
Ideal, The One,
Jalan Mahsuri, 11950,

Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang.

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  1. The Sizzling Lamb with Spaghetti looks really good! =)

    1. Hi Sharon! Thanks for the comment! :) You're absolutely right, very tasty too :P

  2. it halal ?

    1. Hi Anonymous! :) Yes, it is HALAL! :D

  3. Wat time do the resident singers start their performance?