Friday, December 26, 2014

Pure Random : Let's Pray For East Coast Malaysia Flood Victim

It's getting worse every single second now and then. Rain continue to fall, water level keep rising, victim evacuate from their homes, may GOD hear our prayers.

Patrick : Sometimes we have to go deep inside ourselves to solve our problems.

(Extracted from SpongeBob SquarePants)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pure Random : My Very First Optimus Prime Action Figure

Presenting you my very first Transformers action figure from the recent awesome Transformers movie, Age of Extinction - The Optimus Prime (Voyager Class).

Optimus Prime : Honor to the end.

(Extracted from Transfomers : Age of Extinction 2014)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

06.07.14 : Chong Qing Xiao Chu, Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang

Chong Qing Xiao Chu is a place where you can dine for some serious China-Chong-Qing-Style-Food. Have heard many that says this is one the recommended place to dine, that is famous for its' flaming burning Spicy Hot Pot. This branch located in Gurney Paragon Mall is actually their second branch (business is expanding yo!), the main branch is located in Lorong Abu Siti, Penang, but with a different name -> Chiow Lin Steamboat Restaurant. With scattered positive feedbacks everywhere, we decided to give a try and we went there for lunch. We were greeted warmly with smiles by the friendly lady-boss when we stepped into the restaurant.

Without flipping much from the menu, we ordered the Tomyam Seafood Steamboat Set (RM 48). The serving was really fast (All raw food, of course la wei). We started dumping the food like-a-boss into the boiling hot Tom Yam pot happily and waited patiently like hungry wolves. The raw pork in slices-mode (with combination of fats) is my favourite (I don't mind they give me another few more plates of'em). Perfect one when cooked in Tom Yam -> simply hot, spicy, tender and delicious (fuuuuyoooohhhhh, sedap-giler!)

As you can see, the Tom Yam soup is pretty saturated reddish in color, giving you an early Friendly-Spicy-Caution-Warning ahead. Wonder what's in the set? -> (Abalone slices, prawns, chicken cutlet, scallops, squids, golden mushrooms, white cabbage, yao-mak vegetable, maggie-mee, pork slices, crabsticks, fu-chow fish balls, pork balls, prawn balls, egg and beancurds). All in all, the steamboat were really really really good and satisying! If you love spicy Tom Yam, you will love it. Definitely going to come back next time to try out other foods on the menu.

Address :
Lot 5, Level 5,
Gurney Paragon Mall,
Persiaran Gurney Penang,
10250, Penang.

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Pure Random : I Bought A New Super-Bike.. .. ..For My Spidey!

A superhero with not much of cash (struggling) unlike Batman nor Ironman (spend cash like water flow), earning a penny with his reporter job (getting screwed by JJ a.k.a Jonah Jameson most times), no fancy-deadly weapons (only spider web and spider web and spider web), not even a suit with armor (he sew his own suit, made of lycra and spandex, potential tukang-jahit) to fight crimes and enemies, this poor superhero is none other than Spiderman - behind the mask, Mr Peter Parker that tags along with the famous quotes by his late Uncle Ben shot dead by Sandman "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility". Despite all that, he is indeed still one of my all-times favourite Superhero. Hence with the sympathy in mind, I bought him a Super-Bike! (What the heck am I crapping, not trying to be funny but just writing out things that comes out of my brain directly) It's gonna be a long weekend this week! Have a goodnight-rest readers!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

29.06.14 : Bar-B-Q Plaza, Queensbay Mall, Penang

Babi-Cute-Plaza Bar-B-Q Plaza is a self-cooking Mongolian and Japanese style barbeque restaurant. A very attractive one as it served pork in a shopping complex which turned out to be quite convenient in a way if you are desperately seeking for Non-Halal food let say after your energy were all used-up after window shopping or feeling extremely tired helping your gf to carry her shopping items. This is the branch located at Queensbay Mall, Penang, which I think is less spacious compared to the branch located at Gurney Plaza, Penang. For your information, now in Malaysia there are quite a number of branches already, but the first ever branch opened is in Central Plaza Ladprao, Thailand. 

That day was an early dinner, around ~6.15 pm, people have started to fill-up the empty seats, and BOOOMMM! FULL HOUSE! after half-an-hour later, no joke! It's good that there actually installed a number queuing system (1st come 1st serve basis) and with that, people start to queue outside waiting for the next available seats rather than standing inside as that will obviously disturbing the people eating inside especially those who love to stares at people while you eat.

We ordered a Garlic Fried Rice (RM 3) and an Economy Pork Set (RM 21.90) where the plate overall consist of pork (my favourite), udon, sliced cabbage, baby corn, carrot, lettuce and tomato, not forgetting now there are having a promotion, if you order this economy pork set, you will also be entitled with another plate of sliced cabbage.

There is this special sauce which tasted really good when you dip in the pork meat and eat together or even dip the pork in and barbeque it, a perfect taste-suit. The set and portion that we had that day was indeed enough for 2 persons. The total price is subject to 6% government tax and 10% service charge. You might also want to browse through their webpage here for more information and promotions.

Address :
Unit No LG-42,
Queensbay Mall,
100 Persiaran Bayan Indah,
11900 Bayan Lepas,

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The map is showing GSC Queensbay Mall instead of Bar-B-Q Plaza, sorry about that, but it's alright as it will lead you to Queensbay Mall, just different floor.

Contact :

Friday, July 4, 2014

29.06.14 : Nine Thai Restaurant, Penang

Damn! It have been like two to three weeks of hot and hazy unhealthy weather in Penang. Have been so long since I breathe in fresh air, could not even recall when was the last time it rained (sound serious right?). Finally on a remarkable beautiful Sunday morning, it was like a blessing to have a heavy rain fall (feeling real good and appreciate it very much). That morning was a wet and windy one but seems like a perfect time for some hot and spicy food (Baru aje sejuk sikit, sudah mau kasi panas balik). Hence, we went Nine Thai Restaurant at Jalan Nagore for Tom Yam!

We parked exactly outside the restaurant and just a reminder to always prepare some parking coupons in your vehicle (you may not know when you will need'em), here, troublesome enough coupons are needed all along the roadside parking else prepare for saman! Nine Thai Restaurant is well equipped with air conditioner and the place is clean too, a lot better than some of the Thai Restaurant that don't even bother to sweep the floor. Moderately decorated with paintings, drawings, photos and some statues, a comfortable environment I would say. For those without data plan, you can also connect to their Free Wi-Fi for Internet (Password : ninethai123) if only there don't change the password.

As planned, we ordered Tom Yam Nam Khon (Tom Yam Seafood) with the price of RM 30 for Small (What's in it? Tom Yam Soup, Fish Meats, Prawns, Squids, Mushrooms and Tomatoes). Would recommend this for those who love Tom Yam *Thumbs Up!*. We almost finish the whole bowl of Tom Yam Soup, just kidding, probably around 3/4.

On the other hand, we also ordered ourselves 4 Pieces of Gar Thord Bai Tei (Pandan Chicken). As most restaurant does, they will charge accordingly to the number of Pandan Chicken(s) that you ordered. One piece of Pandan Chicken here is priced at RM 4, pretty good in terms of taste.

Yes, nothing wrong with your eyes, we are not giant but not sure what went wrong, we were very very very hungry that day and we then ordered another plate of Minced Pork Basil Rice with Egg for RM 12, worth a try!

To wrap up, Nine Thai is definitely one of the recommended Thai Food Restaurant in Georgetown Penang. That afternoon, it was indeed a very full lunch (buuurrrrrppppppp) but a satisfying one and FYI, there is a 5% government tax from the total amount.

Address :
Nine Thai Restaurant
32, Jalan Nagore,
10500, Penang.

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

28.06.14 : Zhou Porridge Restaurant, Butterworth

Are you a fan of porridge? - Maybe you are not, but I AM! Is not easy to look for a porridge stall or gerai bubur nowadays, not to mention porridge restaurant if you are craving for it once in a while. Hard-To-Find-Porridge no longer a subject for Penang Mainland folks as now we have Zhou Porridge Restaurant (Non-Halal though) that serve various types of porridge. As most of you who can read Mandarin would have noticed, 粥杰伦 (Zhou Restaurant) and 周杰伦 (Famous Taiwanese Singer - Jay Chou) are quite similar right? (Sadly, I cannot read Mandarin, dont't laugh I am just comparing the patterns one-by-one). We got to know that the owner of this restaurant is also a Jay Chou fan (maybe a hardcore one), so it is not a surprise they play Jay Chou's songs all day long while you dine there.

We decided to give a try on the 'Minced Fish and Egg Congee in Tom-Yam-Flavoured Porridge'. Yes, you can choose which porridge base that you like [Tom-Yam, Curry, Hoi-Wong (I am not sure what is this) or Herbs]. The price is RM 7.80 for Small and RM 10.80 for Large. We ordered small and enough for 2 persons if you're not a big-eater, else go ahead for the large option. 

Apart from Porridge, Zhou Porridge Restaurant also serve Noodle (of course la, takkan only porridge meh?). We ordered Dry BBQ-Pork Noodle (Char-Siew with taste-a-like Wan Tan Mee) - RM 6.90. Quite good but the sauce is a little sweet, maybe too much of BBQ sauce.

Besides, we also ordered Seafood Tomyam Soup Noodle (What's in it? - Tom Yam Soup, Instant Noodle, Fried Fish Meats, Meat Balls, Prawns, Squids, Enoki Mushrooms a.k.a Kam Zham Ku and Vegetables) for RM 12.80. From the menu, you can choose either Bee Hoon, Instant Noodle or Rice, up to your preference. We picked Instant Noodle and we did not regret, the soup is good too although is a little spicy. Not to forget, you can also request for warm water and is Free-of-Charge.

Best of all, this restaurant does not take any day-off, it opens daily from 11a.m till 11p.m with no additional service charges or government tax, cool right?  

Address :
Zhou Porridge Restaurant
23-B, Lorong Teras Jaya 9,
Kawasan Perniagaan Butterworth,
13400, Penang.

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Contact : 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Pure Random : Let's Swing Out For A Friday Party!

It's Friday Night! Goes in a weekly loop, and FRIDAY, the most wanted day in a week is finally here again! Weekend activities planned ahead and let the party begin! Ding-Dong Ding-Dong Ding-Dong! Swing like a Spiderman and Out-We-Go!

Harry Osborn : It's been ten years. What have you been up to?
Peter Parker : I do some web designs.

(Extracted from The Amazing Spider-Man 2)

Saturday, June 21, 2014

21.06.14 : Ipoh Murals by The Famous Artist, Ernest Zacharevic!

Ipoh Old Town is getting pretty famous nowadays with murals besides the good food and hot-chicks here, painted by the famous artist - Ernest Zacharevic! Mum and I decided to take a look at his artwork too (Orang Ipoh mar, kena kasi support sikit lor.. ..Ipoh Mali! Ipoh Mali! Ipoh Mali! Ipoh Mali!) Many tourists and people around busy taking photos and posing-like-a-boss with the murals. Ernest's work is really impressive and wonderful, what a talented artist! Here's a few shots taken with my machine-gun.

Look what we found? A pack of Kopi-O Ais baby! The weather is so damn hot in Ipoh, really feel like grabbing that pack of Kopi-O Ais to chill my thirst! Sluuurrrrrppppppp.. ..

Fantastic murals right? Now, guess what? Another mural (Tin Mine Valley) is painting-in-progress by Ernest! And yes, HE'S HERE IN IPOH OLD TOWN, managed to get a few shots of him, but wasn't able to get a photo with him. A good looking and hardworking young man with talent. Is definitely a pleasure to have him here in Ipoh! Follow this page for more information about Ipoh happening events.