Sunday, December 8, 2013

03.08.13 : The Cruises Steak House at Bishop Street, Penang

I could still remember that I used to passed by this shop located at Bishop Street years back. The first impression back then was "Waaa.. this shop looks good and unique..", but haven't got a chance to dine in. Currently, there are 2 branches here in Penang, one at Bishop Street, Logan Heritage and another one at Ideal, The One. Lucky enough, finally I have the chance to dine in at one of its' branch at Bishop Street, Logan Heritage.

The impression back then wasn't wrong, such a nice shop, I really like the way how they decorate their shop's interior with statues, costumes, figures and stuffs, fascinating! Also, the shop has a lot of items in brown colour, giving it a more vintage wooden feel.

There's a small mini stage here for the band, performing musics/songs every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday night. If you love the feel of dining with live bands playing on stage, you may give it a try.

Besides the cozy ambiance, on the other hand for food, we had Fish n Chips (RM 14.90) and D'Cruise Combo Set (RM 28.90) that consist of grilled chicken chop as well as black pepper lamb chop. The price are subject to 10% service charge. The taste for both sets overall are satisfying.

We enjoyed our lunch very much, truly amazed with the shop's interior and environment. Looking forward to dine during the night to check out the live band next time.

Address :
The Cruises Steak House
8, Bishop Street,
10200 Georgetown,

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  1. looks like a very nice restaurant! thanks for your lovely comments hun!


    1. Hi dk! Thanks for dropping by! Yes, it's a very nice restaurant my friend :)

  2. because of the cookie: i could send you some but i don't know if they will master the shipping :/

    1. Hi dk! Very nice from you :) Hehe, you're right, the shipping is the problem :(

  3. Wow, your photos look super nice. What camera you using?
    Interesting decor and the food looks nice too~

    1. Hi Jay! Thanks for the compliment and yes, the decor is very nice :) Glad that you like it, I am using Canon 650D my friend :)

  4. Nice post with nice photos! Like it very much.. :D
    Continue your hard work, support always! :)

    1. Hi Hoay Hoay! Thanks! Hehe, welcome back to blogging :P Support always too!