Wednesday, December 11, 2013

09.08.13 : Maa Roy Thai Seafood Restaurant at Krystal Point, Penang

It have been mere 4 to 6 monthsSs we haven't been to any Thai Restaurant to dine. Not because we are not into Thai food but just, somehow Thai food never happen to be in mind. Finally, we decided to reset the counter and go for one nearby. And, there we go for lunch, Maa Roy Thai Seafood Restaurant located at Krystal Point, Penang.

The shop is actually not very big and spacious, maximum can roughly accommodate up to 10 medium size tables. So if you are coming with quite a number of friends or family members, is best to make a booking ahead to avoid disappointment.

We ordered 3 dishes all together. Most of the dishes are available in 3 sizes that you can choose from, small, medium or big. RM 15 for a small set of Deep Fried Squid with Garlic. As you can see, the portion is really small indeed. If you are a big eater, do not order the small size set but go for the big one instead.

Pandan Chicken at RM 3.50 per piece. We personally think that the taste for the pandan chicken is just 'so so..', not as good as what we thought, could be due to the pandan sauce that was used to marinate the chicken. 

Thai Restaurant are usually famous for its' Tom Yum Soup, and Maa Roy Thai did not prove it wrong, simply good. RM 15 for a small bowl of Tom Yum Seafood that consist of prawns, mushrooms, squids, slices of fish meats, tomatoes and the hot burning Tom Yum soup, best to have on a rainy day. We were neutrally satisfied with the overall food and service. This time round, no government tax but 5% service charge is applicable.

Address :
Maa Roy Thai Seafood Restaurant
Lot B303-1-27,
Krystal Point,
Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah,
Bayan Lepas, 11900,

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  1. The small portion of that fried squid really "surprised" me! O.O"

    1. Hi Choi Yen! That's correct, that surprised us as well, hahaha, way too small huh :(