Friday, December 20, 2013

19.10.13 : Who's Bryan at Upper Penang Road, Penang

Burning hot in the morning and heavy rain in the evening, what a weather to be nowadays. Right after we parked our car, timing was just 'ngam-ngam' right for the heavy rain to start pouring. With a small little umbrella on hand walking to Who's Bryan, lucky enough we didn't get wet much. Who's Bryan is a Western Food Restaurant established since July 2009.

The seat reserved for the day was just right below the air conditioner , what a "lucky" day. To avoid ending up fever and cold, we tried requesting a waiter if he could help to adjust the temperature control. With a pleasant smile from the waiter, he smiled and said "No problem sir.. Please give me a moment..". Very polite manners, indeed bonus points added.

Who's Crumbly Chicken at the price of RM 17.90. This is the famous Signature Dish of Crispy, Tender, Juicy Chicken, Crumbled with Crunchy Corn Flakes served with Sauteed Mushroom Gravy, also we observed most people ordered this as well.

Pasta Cheese Baked Chicken at the price of RM 17.50. Personal opinion, this looks good but the taste was just moderate, probably the sauce was a bit sour, overloaded with Tomatoes, eliminate a few would be much better.

Chocolate Craze for the day with Iced Chocs at RM 8.00 and Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream at RM 10.90, both were good especially the cake. If you're interested to take a look at the menu with prices, click here. Not to forget, the price are subject to 10% service charge and no government tax. Located at Upper Penang Road, happening place with pubs and clubs with late night activities.

Address :
Who's Bryan
Upper Penang Road, Jalan Penang,
Georgetown, Penang.

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  1. Will the corn flakes soften when topped with the gravy?

    1. Hi Choi Yen! Thanks for the comment :) Yes, more or less the corn flakes got soften a little, but still I would say 60% of'em are still crunchy :)