Friday, July 5, 2013

19.05.13 : Full House at Penang Times Square, Penang

A well-known famous dining place for its beautiful decorations and environment as what have been claimed. Full House have finally opened a new branch here in Penang, after some times in Kuala Lumpur. We used to see many people posting up pictures and photos telling how nice the interior of this shop is. So, here we are today to witness it ourselves.

We have to agree with what people out there are saying, it is really well-decorated and comfortable. Kindly ignore the word 'Happy Birthday', it's not her birthday yet, months to go.

Our drinks - Hot White Coffee and Ice Blended Chocolate (Nothing special here)

Our food - House Blend Masala Spice Chicken Chop, served with mashed potatoes, vegetable and masala sauce. I have to say that the portion is so small. I bet guys will need at least 5 sets of this.

Here's the Fillet 'O' Fish - It's a deep fried fish fillet coated with seaweed, garden salad and wedges. This is gaining a little points back, the taste is not bad.

It's me here with my "EXTREMELY BIGHouse Blend Masala Spice Chicken Chop Set. Couldn't agree more right?

I'm sure most of you need WIFI connection nowadays if your devices are not bundled with mobile data, for Facebooking especially. Here's the WIFI Password but I guess it will be changed after Mother's Day.

Indeed a nice place for some photos snapping activity, but not a recommended place if you are looking for a very good food plus the price ain't cheap. Bottom line, still worth a visit.

Address :
G-20, 21, 61 & 65, 
Penang Times Square, 
Jalan Dato Keramat, 
George Town, Penang.

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Contact :

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