Tuesday, July 9, 2013

07.07.13 : Aloha - House of Desserts in 1st Avenue, Penang

Here we are today for lunch in 1st Avenue Penang Aloha - House of Desserts. Aloha is also a Hawaiian word that is often used to greet someone. But we weren't greeted with Aloha when we stepped into the shop though.

Since the shop name is also having a tag line of 'House of Desserts', we were convinced and so, we gave a try and ordered the Mango with Dragon Fruit Topping. It cost RM 8.80 and tasted really sweet.

It is good to have a bean curd hiding beneath, but tasted more like a pudding though. We know we should not be comparing this with Tong Pak Fu or Hui Lau Shan's dessert.

Next, here's what we ordered for our main course. Hawaiian Fish Fillet Spaghetti, priced at RM 12.80. Nothing special but the fish fillet is way too small.

The spaghetti tasted normal, I think you can get the same in any other places, could be in bigger portion and cheaper price.

Now, here's the Cheezy Baked Chicken Chop with Homemade Soy Bean Sauce - RM 10.80. First sight, it looks good.

The rice tasted more like a claypot rice, even the colour as well, it might be due to the homemade soy bean sauce they used. Only the top part were covered with cheese. Besides, the aluminium foil wrapper is very thin, that makes it easily torn and if you are not careful, you might also be swallowing it, not recommended for children unless accompanied by adults.

Overall, wasn't really satisfied but still "okay lar..". At least there's no extra government or service charges from the total amount. Stopping the post here now with a photo of her, if you noticed, her fingernail paint is matching the colour of the background.

Address :
Lot 4F-20, 1st Avenue, 
182, Jalan Magazine, 
10300 Penang.

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  1. Hello! I was randomly going through the older comments on my blog and saw your name on a few of my blog posts. Long time no "see"! Haha, looks like you've upgraded your camera ;)

    1. Hi Chrys! Long time no see too and appreciate your drop by :) Yes, I bought a DSLR back then, good catch :P