Friday, September 28, 2012

22.09.12 : I Love Yoo! - Where Traditions Meet Modern

Used to admire those scenes in Chinese TVB drama where they have porridge with Yoo Tiau for breakfast early in the morning without failing. Now with I Love Yoo!, we as Malaysians can also have those a-like-moments too. We went to try out the branch located in Gurney Plaza.

The shop is simple and neatly setup with wooden tables and stools. Soya Drink (Cold) - RM 2.90 each

Tau Fu Fah - RM 3.20 per bowl.

The Tau Fu is very smooth.

Porridge - RM 2.90 each

Yoo Tiau (Yau Char Kuai) - RM 1.50 each

Love to eat Yoo Tiau dipped with porridge.

Ham Chin Peng - RM 1.50 each

Butterfly Bun - RM 1.50 each

In the end, we managed to finish all up but left with Ham Chin Peng and Butterfly Bun. Packed and took away as snacks for the noon after a light shopping in Gurney Plaza.

Address :
I Love Yoo! (Gurney Plaza Branch)
170-4, Basement 1, 
Gurney Plaza, Penang.

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  1. Nice pictures with yummy food, will check it out when I'm going to Penang!

    1. Hi Jacinta! Thanks for dropping by! :) Hope it helps when you visit Penang! :)