Friday, August 14, 2015

14.08.15 : Yellow Lips Cafe, Penang

As usual, it's always a great catch-up time spent with Austin, though we rarely meet up, like 4 months once or probably longer, but the topics that we have are endless. Yellow Lips Cafe, quite a new cafe (~1 month), a simple cafe with friendly staffs, food wise not bad, we had Salmon Shake Don and Smoke Duck Don with 90 Coffee Review as well as 92 Coffee Review (both without milk), it's better to make a reservation instead of direct-walk in as the cafe is not very spacious, pretty compact, parking around that area is fine as we were still able to locate a few parking slots ~7pm on a Friday, green parking zone. Visit their Facebook page here.

Address :
Yellow Lips Cafe
No.496 Lebuh Pantai,
10300 Penang,


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    1. I had this smoked duck don as well last time! I like it so so much!
      Wonder Queen | Food, Fitness, Beauty, Travel

    2. Hi Wonder Queen! Thanks for dropping by! :) Yeah, delicious isn't it? :)